Version 1.23.0 Bash completion enhancements

Unusually for a ppl release, this one doesn’t add any new core functionality or fix any bugs. Instead, this release is solely an update to the Bash integration. The following improvements have been made to the bash completion.

  • It now returns command name suggestions much more quickly
  • It can autocomplete email addresses for use with ppl email
  • It can autocomplete nicknames for use with ppl nick
  • It can autocomplete organizations for use with ppl org
  • It can autocomplete phone numbers for use with ppl phone
  • It can autocomplete URLs for use with ppl url
  • It can autocomplete git remotes for use with pull and push

For example, if you’re attempting to amend the --type of a contact’s phone number, you can now enter ppl phone adam 071<Tab> and Bash will autocomplete the rest of the phone number.

See the Bash integration guide for details of how to install the updated completion function to your system.