Version 2.1.0 Better name management

With thanks to @pigmonkey for raising this as issue #42 on GitHub, version 2.1.0 brings increased control over the names of contacts. This is intended to improve interoperability with other address book software, including the Android system’s contact list.

Short, lower case contact IDs are great for a CLI program, but on a phone, you probably want to see full names. This update provides full access to all the bits & pieces of vCard’s N (name) field:

  • Family name(s)
  • Middle name(s)
  • Given name(s)
  • Prefix
  • Suffix

See the documentation of ppl name for more details on how to use this new functionality.

Also included is some slightly different behaviour under the hood of ppl add. This command now attempts to “have a guess” at the structure of the name of a newly-added contact. It’ll treat the first word of the full name as the contact’s given name, and the rest of the string as their family name. This is a shamefully anglocentric approach to name parsing, but at least it’s a start.