ppl email Manual Page


ppl email - List, show or change email addresses


ppl email
ppl email <contact>
ppl email <contact> <email-address>
    -d, --delete           delete email address
    -p, --preferred        mark as preferred
    -P, --not-preferred    mark as not preferred
        --format <format>  specify a custom output format


With no arguments, the email addresses of each contact in the address book are listed.

If a <contact> is specified, the email addresses of that contact are shown.

If both a <contact> and an <email-address> are given, then the address is added to the email addresses of the contact.

It the --delete or -d flag is set, then the given <email-address> is deleted from the specified <contact>.

The --preferred and --not-preferred flags are for marking a given email address as “preferred” or not. Internally, this status is represented with vCard’s TYPE=pref parameter in the EMAIL field. Preferred email addresses are shown with a * next to them in the output of ppl email <contact>.

Formatting Options

Using the --format option, it is possible to customize the output of ppl email in several ways. This customizability is similar in usage to a typical printf function or git log’s own --format option. Here are the placeholders and their values.

%n   Newline
%a   Email address
%f   Preferred status ("*" if preferred)


$ ppl email jdoe jdoe@example.org --preferred
$ ppl email adam adam@example.com
$ ppl email jdoe
*  jdoe@example.org
$ ppl email
adam:  adam@example.com
jdoe:  jdoe@example.org

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