ppl ls Manual Page


ppl ls - List all contacts


ppl ls [<options>]
    --format <format>  specify a custom output format
    --pretty <preset>  specify a preset output format


List all the contacts in the address book.

Formatting Options

Using the --format option, ppl ls can be customized to produce output in a user-specified format. This is similar functionality to printf or the customizability of other software such as git log. Here are the placeholders.

%n   Newline
%i   Contact ID
%N   Name
%a   Age
%b   Birthday
%k   Nickname      (first)
%e   Email address (preferred/first)
%p   Phone number  (preferred/first)
%o   Organization  (first)

Commonly used output formats can be stored in ~/.pplconfig and invoked by name using the --pretty option. For example, the following configuration would allow the format to be used by running ppl ls --pretty age_info.

    age_info = "%i: %a (%b)"


$ ppl ls
jdoe: John Doe <jdoe@example.org>
kdoe: Kent Doe <kdoe@example.org>

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