ppl name Manual Page


ppl name - List, show or change names


ppl name
ppl name <contact>
ppl name <contact> <name>
    -f, --family <family-name(s)>
    -g, --given  <given-name(s)>
    -m, --middle <middle-name(s)>
    -p, --prefix <prefix>
    -s, --suffix <suffix>


With no arguments, the full names of each contact in the address book are listed.

If a <contact> is specified, the full name of that contact is shown.

If both a <contact> and a <name> are given, then the name is stored as the full name of the contact.


$ ppl name jdoe "John Doe"
$ ppl name adam "Adam West" --family West -g Adam
$ ppl name jdoe
John Doe
$ ppl name
adam:  Adam West
jdoe:  John Doe

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