ppl phone Manual Page


ppl phone - List, show or change phone numbers


ppl phone
ppl phone <contact>
ppl phone <contact> <phone-number>
ppl phone <contact> <phone-number>
    -d, --delete         delete phone number
    -t, --type <type>    set the number's type
    -p, --preferred      mark as preferred
    -P, --not-preferred  mark as not preferred


With no arguments, the phone numbers of each contact in the address book are listed.

If a <contact> is specified, the phone number of that contact is shown.

If both a <contact> and a <phone-number> are given, then the number is added to the contact’s phone numbers.

It the --delete or -d flag is set, then the given <phone-number> is deleted from the specified <contact>.

Use the --type <type> option to assign a type to the phone number. You can use this option both when adding a new number or to amend an existing number.

The --preferred and --not-preferred flags are for marking a given phone number as “preferred” or not. Internally, this status is represented with vCard’s TYPE=pref parameter in the TEL field. Preferred phone numbers are shown with a * next to them in the output of ppl phone <contact>.


$ ppl phone jdoe 0123456789 --type cell
$ ppl phone adam 0777111222
$ ppl phone jdoe
0123456789 (cell)
$ ppl phone
adam:  0777111222
jdoe:  0123456789

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