ppl scrape Manual Page


ppl scrape - Scrape contact details from an email in stdin


ppl scrape [<options>]
    -q, --quiet        Add contacts to the address book without prompting
    -s, --sender       Scrape the sender's contact details


Reads an email message from stdin and scrapes contact information from it into the address book. By default nothing will be scraped; the command must be told explicitly which information to scrape via its arguments.

If the --sender option is used, then the details of the person in the email’s From: header will be scraped into the address book.

If the --quiet option is used, the command will not prompt the user to confirm whether they approve of each contact before saving them to the address book.

This command is analogous to abook’s --add-email functionality. Both the confirmation prompt and the --quiet flag are provided with the intention of achieving feature parity with this part of abook.


ppl scrape --sender --quiet < ~/Mail/cur/1234.example.org