ppl shell Manual Page


ppl shell - Interactive mode


ppl shell


Opens ppl in interactive mode, allowing users to skip typing “ppl” at the start of every single command. This is intended to be useful in the case of longer sessions, when a user plans to interact with ppl many times and wants to avoid some of the repetition.

In interactive mode, all the ppl commands work as normal. The only difference is that there is no need to prefix every command with ppl. So instead of typing ppl ls, in interactive mode you would just type ls.

To exit interactive mode, type exit, or send a sigint or eof (Ctrl+C or Ctrl+D usually).


$ ppl shell
ppl 1.5.2 (type "exit" to leave)
ppl> ls
jdoe: John Doe <jdoe@example.org>
kdoe: Kent Doe <kdoe@example.org>
ppl> exit