ppl [alias] Configuration Guide

Sometimes typing the same long commands repeatedly becomes tiresome. The [alias] section is intended to address this issue by providing a means of configuring shorter forms of commands.

    l = ls
    s = show

Adding the above lines to ~/.pplconfig would allow the user to interact with ppl as follows:

$ ppl l
jdoe: John Doe    <jdoe@example.org>
fred: Fred Bloggs <fred@example.org>
$ ppl s jdoe
John Doe <jdoe@example.org>

  Birthday      1970-01-01
  Organization  Example Organization

Email Addresses

Bang Aliases

ppl’s alias system is similar to git’s in that it supports executing external commands via aliases prefixed with an exclamation mark, or “bang”. In your ~/.pplconfig, this would look something like the following:

    lsx = !ppl ls | grep -i x

The above example creates an alias lsx that pipes the output of ppl ls through grep -i x. This means that you effectively create a new command - ppl lsx - which is identical to ppl ls except that it only displays lines containing the letter x.