Mutt Integration Guide

The Mutt E-Mail Client

Email Address Autocompletion

Mutt supports the use of external address book programs as a source of email address autocompletion suggestions. You can use this to integrate ppl into mutt by adding the following to your ~/.muttrc:

set query_command = "ppl mutt '%s'"

With that configured, you can then invoke ppl from within mutt as a means of quickly finding email addresses by pressing Q in the index menu, or by pressing ^T in any prompt for address entry.

Quickly Adding New Contacts

If you have a lot of email to deal with, you may find it tedious to have to add each new email contact to your address book manually. With a macro like the following in your ~/.muttrc, adding the sender of the currently selected email is as simple as pressing the a key.

macro index,pager a "<pipe-message>ppl scrape --sender<return>"

This macro uses the scrape command to pull out the sender’s email address and name (if available), and adds them to the address book.