Quick Start


ppl depends on rubygems for installation, and on git for storage and syncing.


$ sudo gem install ppl

Create An Address Book

$ ppl init ~/contacts


ppl init is just like creating a Git repo

Add Some Contacts

$ cd ~/contacts
$ ppl add alice "Alice Adams"
$ ppl add bob "Bob Brown"
$ ppl add eve "Eve Edwards"


ppl add creates new contacts in the address book

Store Some Contact Details

$ ppl email alice alice@example.org
$ ppl phone bob 0123456789
$ ppl org eve "Red Hat"


ppl has many commands for adding new properties to contacts. Further information is available in the documentation

Set Your Default Address Book

$ echo "[address book]" > ~/.pplconfig
$ echo path = "`pwd`" >> ~/.pplconfig


This tells ppl to let you keep working with this address book even after you cd into another directory