Ruby 2.0 Compatibility

The latest version of ppl is available now, and it’s one of those tiny, pointless-sounding ones: 1.15.1. This release is all about Ruby 2.0 compatibility. A recent issue reported on GitHub by @pigmonkey brought to my attention that vpim, ppl’s underlying vCard library, doesn’t work at all in Ruby 2.0.

invalid multibyte escape: /^\xFF\xFE/

This is all better now, and ppl works as well in Ruby 2.0 as it does in the 1.9.* range. This was a bit of a seismic change behind the scenes, and it almost seems misleading to increment only the patch version number.

Essentially, I forked vpim in order to get this done. While this is an unexpected turn of events, it does mean I’m now quite well-placed to fix its UTF-8 issues myself instead of depending on the mercy of upstream. By the way, if you’re interested in helping with this, go take a look at greencard. It’s vpim stripped down to just the vCard functionality used by ppl. Go fork it!