Two Months In

It’s been almost two months now since the big day of ppl’s public release. In that time, development has continued at a more steady, sustainable pace than during the period leading up to the release itself. New functionality has been added, and a few bugs have been fixed, as the changelog will attest.

One particularly nasty bug has been reported whose solution eludes me for the moment. It seems ppl does not cope well with non-ASCII characters. The error itself is coming from within vpim - although it is almost certainly not a vpim bug - and is proving a tough nut to crack. Encodings in Ruby 1.9 are fraught with complexity, but I’m optimistic about the existence of a simple solution.

On a more positive note, it’s worth mentioning that the overall health of the project seems to be good. I continue to enjoy building and maintaining ppl, and public interest in a command-line address book is as strong as could be expected for such a niche piece of software. Thanks for all your patience and support!