UTF-8 Fixed And More

Over the weekend, in an uncharacteristically late night of coding, I finally put an end to that UTF-8 issue that had been preventing the use of ppl with non-ASCII characters such as ß or ñ. My apologies to anyone who wanted to try ppl and couldn’t during the two entire months that issue sat open. If it’s any consolation, fixing it gave me many headaches.

Even though it’s only been a few days since the previous news post, there has been a lot of progress in that time, thanks largely to the involvement and encouragement of @pigmonkey and @shushcat on GitHub. Some good refinements to the mutt integration have already made it into recent versions of ppl, and there’s some good discussion happening about what needs doing to keep improving ppl in the near future.

The documentation has had some much-needed attention invested in it, too. A few bits and pieces have been tidied up, and a couple of entirely new sections have been added as well. The Integration Guide covers the growing number of ways of using ppl with other software, and the Tips Section should prove to be a good catch-all place for helpful advice about using ppl.

Contributions are welcome, so get in touch if you spot any mistakes, have any tips to contribute, or know of any tools for integrating ppl into other software. Big thanks to everyone for your input so far. Shout out to @alexGschaider, @matthewp, and @storge for their help as well.