ppl 2.0.0 released

It’s been almost exactly six months since the very first commit, and I’m proud to announce that ppl has now reached the dizzy heights of version 2.0.0! This is a milestone release for more than one reason, and I’m very happy that this project has made it to this point.

Most important of all, the reason for the major version bump is that ppl post has been overhauled to support storing multiple postal addresses per contact. This overhaul introduced a number of backwards-incompatible changes to the behaviour of that command and ppl’s underlying vCard integration, hence the bump to 2.0.0.

The other reason why this is quite a milestone release is that support for multiple postal addresses was really the last major missing piece of the puzzle in terms of core ppl functionality. There are still some bits and pieces of vCard functionality that aren’t yet exposed, but those that remain now are mostly edge cases. It’s satisfying to see ppl approach the functionality goals I had for it when I started.

This is by no means the end of the development process. There’s a long way to go still in terms of ppl’s flexibility for integration with other software. In the meantime, this version represents a big step forward, and the culmination of six months of hard work.